Playschool International’s Pre School Learning

Award Winning British Learning Experience


Playschool International is an early years development center led by award winning British educationalists with years of excellence in international learning.


We treat each child as a unique individual, giving every child the support they need to be able to blossom to their full potential. Our mission is simple… to give your little one the best start in life with world-class early years development.

We believe in striving for excellence, embedding a broad range of future life-skills into projects and tasks which encourage children to engage with and enjoy the experience of self-development, no matter what age or level they are at. Learning goes hand in hand with character development, providing the foundations to help your child to become a confident, excelling little individual.

Here is some info about our key personnel:

Manager (lead educationalist)
* Post Graduate Certificate for Education – Huddersfield Univ, UK
* Masters Degree International Communications – Leeds University, UK
* BSc Degree (Cum Laude) Development Communications – UP,    Philippines
* 10 years experience teaching in various settings in the United    Kingdom
* Led curriculum development at Playschool International since opening in 2013

Business Development Lead (business and finance)
* Over 20 years leading learning delivery in UK / EU educational frameworks
* Trustee of XP School, the UK’s 1st project-based learning multi-academy school trust
* Goldman Sachs 10k sb programme graduate, Leeds University, UK
BETT British Education Technology Agency Award, UK winner
* Microsoft Community Learning National Award UK winner

* BEEd Early Childhood Education – Saint Pedro Poveda College, Philippines
* Over 9 years experience in Early Childhood Education
* Experienced in developing and delivering creative learning curriculum for toddlers
* Extensive experience teaching international children
* Professional Regulation Commission Licensed Teacher

* Master of Education (Graduate Programme) – University of the Philippines
* Over 7 years experience in Early Childhood Education
* Comprehensive experience in developing individualized educational plans
* Extensive experience in providing support (shadowing) children with special needs

* Master of Arts in Education Major in Childhood Early Education –  University of Makati, Philippines
* Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in English – University of Makati, Philippines
* Experienced teacher in progressive setting
* Professional Regulation Commission Licensed Teacher

* Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in Early Childhood – Philippine Christian University
* Professional Regulation Commission Licensed Teacher